Purple bridge

Purple bridge

The ‘Purple Bridge’ that connects the purple islands

Between the two islands, there is the 'Angel Bridge (Purple Bridge)' that connects the islands, and you can have a wonderful travel experience from island to island by walking along the sea.
The Purple Bridge is a wooden bridge, at a total length of 1,462m, and is lit up with colorful lights at night to create a romantic atmosphere.

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The origin of the Purple Bridge

Also called the Bridge of Hope, the Purple Bridge was built with Mae-geum Kim’s eager hope: ‘Walking the bridge on foot’, who had lived her whole life in Park Village, Anjwa-myeon, Sinan-gun.
According to her wish, the wooden bridge was built as a new vitality project in 2007, and Banwol and Parkji Island was called the Purple Bridge, which represents a larger island with smaller 1004 islands, where purple flowers and plants bloom in all four seasons throughout the year.