Banwol Village Dang Forest

Banwol Village Dang Forest

The forest dreaming of a stability and prosperity of the village

Banwol Village is a hometown village where the Indongjang clan live together. At the entrance of the village, there are trees planted by residents from about 600 years ago that have made a forest.
Around Dang(temple), elms, hackberries, silver magnolias, camellias, Songak ivies, Asiatic jasmines etc. created the forest and the villagers performed ancestral rites here on the first full moon day in the lunar calendar, praying for the peace of the village and bountiful fishing.

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The 14th National Beautiful Forest Contest ‘Coexistence Award’

We hope that this beautiful forest will be preserved for the next generation through the harmonious co-existence of people and forests.
The Banwol Village Dang Forest is also famous for being a habitat of king cicadas. When you stand in front of Dang, the temple, you can see the whole village at a glance and enjoy the fertile and beautiful Banwol village scenery.